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The way school works is that I get there before 7:30, and go home around 4:30. For AFS we start at 8:30 so usually we'll walk around the surround area to waste time/explore. One morning we actually got a little bit of breakfast at a stand near the school. And it cost 6 mao for a meat bun! (which is basically less than a penny in the US). They've set up all these classes for us, one being Wushu (gym/Chinese exercise). This week we learned all 15 moves! It was really cool and I really wanna teach it to someone when I get back :) Then we usually play a few sports on the playground and go to Chinese class after. It's nice to review a lot of the stuff I already know, and also do some independent stuff in the class I'm in. Lunch is about an hour and fifteen minutes, so I usually eat then go on the computer or walk around with the other people in my class. The rest of the day is Chinese and then an extracurricular or a field trip. School does get long, but it's pretty cool actually. It's also nice to see how school is compared to the United States.

The other day after school we decided to explore a bit, and then went to KTV to sing! There were American songs on the playlist too so we were basically saved. I went with my friends from class, Carrie and Sean. I also went with my host sister Cassie (her Chinese name is Henan) and her classmates (whom we nicknamed La Mei, Woogui, and Shuai Zhu xD). My friend Sean and I sang the random English words on one of the Chinese songs since it was all we knew x) But that day I also saw one of the biggest malls I've ever seen! It was six floors full of really cute things (like Domo bags, Spongebob shoes, anime earrings, etc.) I didn't have money with me... .__. so I guess I'll have to go back? :)

Friday we went to Forbidden City! It's so pretty and historical! And I gotta say, it was worth the tiresome walking we had to go through for this beautiful historic site. (I only wish there weren't so many people. I remember discussing that it'd be the ultimate laser tag arena or hide and seek place.) I took so many pictures (that I'll post later). So many Chinese people wanted to take pictures of my classmates (because they were foreigners). Unfortunately if you look Chinese (like me and my friend Angelique) you don't get asked to take pictures with the Chinese people. So then we saw these really tall guys from England or the US, and we tried to go up to them with our Chinese looks to see if we could get a picture with them. They just looked at each other and walked away when we asked! LOL. Apparently I gotta act more FOB if I want a picture with a foreigner xD.

After walking back to school from the Forbidden City (our school is close enough so we can walk.) Carrie and I needed to meet our sisters at the mall, but ended up getting soaked by Beijing rain. Apparently it goes from being in the 90F to about 60F when it rains! We were soaked so badly, I actually was so cold that I couldn't understand half of some of the Chinese people were saying to me. Therefore, I ended up getting a cold and am currently recovering from it. :P

Saturday morning my host parents wanted to meet my parents in America, so we had a video chat (since I can't do international calling here.) It was nice seeing my parents again, and I think my host and natural parents got along well. After that I went to the Beijing History Museum (i think that's what it was.) I felt pretty sick but still paid attention to a lot of things. There wre a lot of interesting things about Chiense culture that I learned, along with looking at the traditonal art, bronze and jade sculptures, and celebration customs display. Hopefully I'll remember it all for the future. I tried McDonalds in China for the first time after! It's much different than the US, especially since you can leave your trash on the table and there are waiters who come to clean it up for you. THe food is prety much the same except for the less amount of menu items and actually having legit fried chicken on the menu. I also saw what I think are delivery boys. They carry something like a backpack that is filled with sandwiches, and they wear race car helmets when running down the street. It's pretty cool. I went to a little mall after (where bargaining wasn't allowed...) and got these cute scented pens for 25 yuan. At night I went to a restaurant with my host parents as well, where I had Peking duck from the Peking city (technically caled Beijing Duck by the way.) Finally today my host sister's aunt, uncle, and cousin came over for lunch and took me to get a new laptop charge (which is all fixed now! :)) So that's the latest of what's happening, if you actually wanna read that all, haha. Talk to you all soon! I'm having a great time in China, and will be posting a few of the 500 pictures I've taken in the first twelve days. Stay in touch guys! (email me if you want to! I keep up with that more than my blog.)

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Mom and I are so happy to see you happy there. Take good care of yourself....

by Lam

I am, I am. You found my blog! I'm about to go three days without any access to a computer, so that's one way I would consider taking care of myself. My cold is a lot better too. Love you! Talk to you on email.

by jennhuynh

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