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NSLI-Y, AFS, and beyond 03.22.2013
Am I Really Spending my Kuai on This? 03.18.2013
One year after my acceptance. 04.20.2011
It's my last day in China. :( 08.12.2010
No Bungee Jumping? ¡Muy Triste! 08.03.2010
Warning: Long post, but lots of pictures! (and even a video) 07.25.2010
Ah, here are those pictures I promised 07.24.2010
Weekend at Hebei Univ. and Day at Wuzhong Middle School 07.20.2010
Hebei in maybe 12 hours, Past few days 07.15.2010
Some pictures! 07.11.2010
More about school, exploring, and day trips! 07.11.2010
First week away from home. 07.07.2010
Leaving tomorrow! Posting details! Keeping up to date :) 06.28.2010
Welcome! 06.28.2010